Band Dynamics with Wayne Kramer from the MC5

March 25, 2011 by  
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Detroit native Wayne Kramer was a founding member and guitarist of the revolutionary band the MC5, which came from the same Detroit music scene that produced The Stooges, KISS, and Ted Nugent. With co-guitarist Fred Sonic Smith, Kramer’s aggressive, noisy style on the band’s 1969 debut, Kick Out The Jams, became a┬álandmark in the evolution of punk rock, influencing 35 years’ worth of American punk and post-punk bands. Though he temporarily retired from music in the 1980s, since 1995 Kramer has been pursuing a successful career as solo artist, featured guitarist, and producer and has founded his own independent label (MuscleTone records) to, in Kramer’s words, ethically and creatively run this business of making and selling music to the benefit of fans, the bands and the company.

In this video produced by Artist House Music, Wayne talks about band dynamics and the concept of clear and constant communication.


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